Epic Espionage Action across all your PlayStation & Mobile devices


    • Stealth & Action your way through military bases as an Agent for rogue spy agency C.O.U.N.T.E.R
    • Prevent crazed superpowers in their twisted Space Race to be first to nuke the moon!
    • Experience fresh new gameplay in each play session with procedurally generated gameplay.
    • Unlock new weapons & abilities by stealing blueprints & dossiers.
    • Beat your friend's progress.  Find their downed agent for extra rewards


    STILL AVAILABLE for PlayStation®4, (formerly available on PS3®, PS Vita, iOS & Android devices.)

    “This smart-yet-simple game play is wrapped inside a 1960s design aesthetic that absolutely nails it.”
    Chicago Tribune

    “Counter-Spy is a sneakily addictive retro-delight.”
    Entertainment Weekly

    “It’s a simple game — but it does everything right.”

    “I enjoyed almost every minute of my time with CounterSpy. The movement & Gunplay are smooth and responsive, and the lovingly crafted presentation remains stunning throughout.”

    “Counterspy is funny, clever, satirical, and simply a joy of a game.”
    PlayStation Universe

    “Boasting a superb blend of style and substance, the game's tongue-in-cheek 1960s cold war spy fiction setting is a sight to behold”


    from 2010 to 2015, Dynamighty was a San Francisco based developer of action games for console & mobile platforms.

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    Dynamighty is no longer in business.


    We have kept this site up to honor the legacy of our dear friend and cofounder Mark Erman.


    Mark was a core part of the foundational team that created CounterSpy. He helped shape the business plan, set up the studio and then run the day to day operations as our small team worked to develop the game.


    He was always proud of the work we did together and his legacy continues to inspire us all.


    Our goal at Dynamighty was to create games with depth, coupled with a beautiful simplicity that could be enjoyed by all.



    Dynamighty was founded in 2011 by John Elliot & David Nottingham, who had created games together at LucasArts. They were soon joined by Mark Erman as COO, and Mark Holmes as Creative Director.


    We created and launched our debut game CounterSpy in 2014. As an original game developed by us and published by Sony, it launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita & mobile platforms. We were very proud to receive a BAFTA nomination for Best Debut Game.


    As is the case with many mid-level studios, we were unable to financially sustain the studio. After CounterSpy, we released a small iOS game called Fists of Fury, and then wound down the studio. Despite the sad ending, it was a great experience and maybe, one day, someone out there will get the crew back together to make a CounterSpy 2 :)


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    David Nottingham


    In 2010, David left LucasArts to pursue his life-long dream of starting an independent games studio.


    David had previously worked at Rockstar Games and as an independent developer before his time at LucasArts, where he led development of a new IP for George Lucas and created LucasLabs with John Elliot.


    At Dynamighty, David was the Creative Lead on it's first game, CounterSpy.


    Today, David is the Creative Director for VALORANT, developed by Riot Games.

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    John Elliot


    John has always been an engineer with passion for creating original properties.


    As a Technical Lead at Visual Concepts, John developed action games, sports titles & game engines, before joining David at LucasArts and ultimately, partnering with him in the formation of Dynamighty.


    As a co-founder at Dynamighty, John led the technical direction of the company and it's projects.


    Today, John is a Director of Engineering at Unity, where he leads technical efforts across various projects.

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    Mark Holmes


    Mark joined Dynamighty after a long career at Pixar, where he created art for movies such as The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc, and was an Art Director on Wall-E.


    After 16 years at Pixar, Mark was seeking a fresh challenge and became fascinated by the storytelling potential of interactive entertainment.


    Besides leading all things visual, Mark collaborated with David on shaping the mythology and fiction of Dynamighty's games.


    Today, Mark is an Art Director for Electronic Arts.

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    Mark Erman


    A life long gamer, Mark joined Dynamighty after many years in the financial industry.


    As a founding team member of Artis Capital Management, he had covered the videogames sector before taking a sabbatical to travel the world.


    As COO, Mark did anything and everything to keep the business affairs running smoothly, and enabled the rest of the team to focus their energy on making amazing games.


    We were very saddened to lose Mark Erman in 2019 when he passed away after a strong battle with Colon Cancer. Mark was a beautiful human being, an inspiration and an amazing husband and father to his twin daughters. We miss him every day.